TTI Tracking Technology Inc

Easy to Install, Easy to Use & Easier to Afford

Multiple trucking and bus camera system

Mobile video cameras that provide:

Safety, Security & Savings

Providing industry leading video Dashcam's & full featured mobile video surveillance solutions for the trucking, commercial and bus industries

tti is a leading supplier of Plug & Play mobile video surveillance camera systems from Dashcams to innovative solutions for the trucking, commercial fleets, school bus and security industry. Our premium quality mobile camera systems have made tti the partner of choice for transportation managers. Whether you want to reduce litigation, monitor driver behaviour, increase passenger/driver safety or protect fleet assets...tti has the answer with solutions starting from $390 per vehicle.


Utilising Plug & Play installation simplicity tti makes mobile video surveillance simple....

Live Fleet Management - see live reports on where the vehicle has been, driver behaviour, fuel, idling, delivery times etc
Buddy BX1 with SD card lock

Secure locking Dash camera for professional fleet operators


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Examples of organizations who moved to tti

  • US Government 
  • Caron Transport (Alberta, Canada)
  • First Student (British Columbia)
  • New York Taxis
  • Chicago Taxis
  • North Suburban Transportation (Massachusetts)
  • Hawkins ISD (Texas)
  • Haysville Unified SD (Kansas)